Due to issues with fake accounts being created all account creation is now managed by the Systems Operator and Manager of the D6 Holocron. If you wish to have an account created at all please be sure to E-mail with your requested alias.

5/12/21 State of the Empire

As you can see the D6holocron is back up and running after 2 months of troubles and being unavailable. I have fully cut ties with the hosting company that caused this entire thing, HostGator. In the battle of good and evil, or the Jedi Sith scale, where do you fit lazy? Anyway, we are all back up and running again with a few problems still to be corrected due to HostGator corrupting some of the files. For the time being the following is not going to be available, even for me. You hear this correctly, even I can acess these things till they are fixed.

The Astrogation or NavComp is down

The NavComp was originally set up under another version of the SQL and PHP software. And, since a forced update to another version the file doesn't communicate correctly. I am going to need to work on this, and since I am not fully versed on this software it may take a while.

Wiki logins

At this time none of the MediaWiki logins are going to function. This does include the Sysop login i have to access the pages. The Wiki Sysop is what is used to grant others logins too. So I can't grant people new accounts at this time or correct any of the pages that exist already.

Access to old emails under the previous Hosting service is no longer available to me. So a lot of the older emails sent to the bsd oblivion account were lost. I am going to try and get the old messages, but i know that a bunch are just going to be gone. The same email address is now functional under the new host, so it can still be used.

I'll do my best to get these all back running correctly. But, if you do run into more that was messed up by the useless HostGator let me know at

I think im going to need a few extra Dark Side points for this one


11/17/20 You Should Be Excited (((>*.*<)))

5/4/2019 The Adventures Journal Continues

It is not only May the 4th. But, it is also the one year anniversary of the new Adventurer's Journal. One year ago today this new quarterly devoted to the Star Wars d6 RPG filled 76 pages of art, stories, and stats to expand on what WEG started. 5 books later and they are still going strong. This time they are up to 201 pages filled by much better authors than me.

Lets all give the crew of the Adventurer's Journal a show of appreciation for their work. Especially Brian L Bird who is the heart. Share it everywhere, paste it on walls, and sneak copies into the local game shops for fun.

And some people thought they wouldn't have enough material for a couple of issues

Please feel free to download this FREE journal from the Adventure Journal section of the D6Holocron or the Rancor Pit. Adventures Journal Issue 4

Always May the Force be With You, and keep your eye out for Darth Maus


5/4/2018 The Adventures Journal

To celebrate May the 4th 2018 we are pleased to announce the release of a new series in Star Wars Adventures Journals. This new quarterly publication to be devoted to the D6 Star Wars roleplaying games. And, Is put together by the devoted fans.

Please feel free to download this new FREE journal from the Adventure Journal section of the D6Holocron or the Rancor Pit. Adventures Journal Issue 1

Always May the Force be With You, and keep your eye out for Darth Maus


6/28/2017 Fan Fiction

The latest addition to the D6 Holocron is a new fan fiction written by one of our own, Stephen Christiansen. He has been kind enough to share this with us all for free. So, please support our friend by downloading the first installment of Ebon Mortis, The Hunt for Quintano Roo. You will be able to find the book through the link below.

Link to The Hunt for Quintano Roo by Stephen Christiansen


2/25/17 Area 52 Games

I have now added a new option for the Star Wars Role playing scene. I have created a store called "Area 52 Wares". I am starting to sell map tokens for your games. These all being an inexpensive option when using battle maps. Please give your support so that i can continue providing even more options for cheap or inexpensive gaming.

Link to Area 52 Games


4/12/14 Shooting Womp Rats

The lovely people at Shooting Womp Rats are now at it's new home here on the Holocron. I do hope to be able to house this wonderfull new Star Wars show for a long time to come. You will be able to use the link to the left now to access the audio blog, or just use the address

And, as always, I am the BigStinkyDog saying keep your eyes on Darth Lucas. He may be out, but he isn't down. He could still burn the entire Galaxy to the ground.



I managed to get all of the existing links for the books done. You will now have the Lords of the Expanse area filled and available.

And now for something completely different. Looks like I have proof that the Holocron is a respected member of the community. Shooting Womp Rats had me on for a short interview. Itís now available on the ďat the table gamesĒ web site. Iíll put the link to the days show below. Think Iím going to start posting all of them on here as well.


Updates 4/2/13 NOT APRIL FOOLS

As a warning, I am doing some updates and maintenance to the Holcoron right now. You may once in a while run into an error or a weird message. Please ignore these, these are not the errors you are looking for.

On a side note Iím also looking into some ideas for Holocron branded items. Items such as dice, bags, book covers, pirate flags, etc.... If you have an idea you would like to see or if you have interest in any of these please drop me a line so that I can see about putting it all together.

I have also noticed that the Holocron mail isnít working as it should so you may have not received emails from me. If you have requested anything from me or were expecting an email/communication, I am sorry. Please email the request/question over again and I will either make sure that the email does get out to you. It would be coming from the Holocron, if working, or gmail, if its not.

Untill next time, watch out for Darth Lucas

BSDOblivion (((>*.*<)))

This Isn't the Petition Response You're Looking For

I must say that it is truly an honor to be told ĎNoí in such a professional way by the White House. For those of you outside of the Uh-Mericas, that is our executive branch in the government. I bet Rodenberry never got a reply like this, but then the Executive branch always seemed to be a bunch of Trek fans anyway.


Untill next time, watch out for the latest Mouseketeer, Darth Lucas

BSDOblivion (((>*.*<)))

How this came to be

Over the years that I have played the D6 Star Wars game I have been carrying a pile of books from house to house. Breaking my back in the process. 'NO MORE,' I said. This is a work taken up from the previous owner. This file was originally created back in 1997 by a gamer that i have lost in time, but it was the most complete that I could find and since WEG no longer owns the license to Star Wars and all contact information no longer was accurate I did not find the need to ask jack from anyone. I took the original file, which was in a Works Document format and converted it all to my beloved Word. And yes, there were a lot of corrections that needed to be made to clean it up.

This file had been cleaned up and had loads added to it. Including, if I may say, the most complete list of force powers in existence. The Word file was organized and even had links to allow easy searching. But, was still way too much for a simple document. So, more action needed to be made. I needed to get this in a more advanced data base of some kind. SO came the Wiki. I now take it upon myself to put all source material needed to play the Star Wars D6 game here in one place for easy searching, viewing, and game lawyering (is that a word). The original Wiki location was on the systems. This was going great for over a year. Until they decided to set in order a new layout forced onto all accounts and pages which included massive advertisements. Some of the sites like Wookiepedia had the main wallpaper of the site replaced by a huge picture advertising a new TV show. This was completely unacceptable to me and I would not subject my new friends to this. So now comes my biggest test ever. The largest test of my brain that has ever come up since I finished my turn at emergency medicine. I purchased a domain and hosting service to house the Holocron. I with no knowledge of any coding and/or programming took it upon myself to open a web site myself.

The new site and server are not going to be as pretty as before, and not as easy to add materials. But, that is a statement for now. If the past is any way of showing what can be done this new site will become what the Holocron was intended to be from the very start. I have proven that I can learn and figure out what I need done, and so will you.

So get cracking and find that long lost D6 bag and original rule book from the glory days of WEG. And keep requests for D20 stats out of here as the material that was created by Wizards was not worth JarrJarr poodoo. Just keep at least one out for Darth Lucas.

And thus, from the massive Word File was a Wiki born.

Latest quoted.