Star Wars D6 Ship Price Calculator

Based upon a generator conceived by Krapou based upon a generator conceived by Grimace derived from Starships of the Galaxy. Now that's a tagline!

Ship Length: metre(s)  cp Invert Scale?; Hull size: 3; Guessed mass: 41.75 t; Scale: Starfighter
Essential Crew: person(s)  cp Minimum: 1; Peak: 5
Life Support: person(s)  cp Maximum: 50; No Passengers
Cargo Space: tonne(s)  cp Maximum: 50 t; Cargo Space: 15 kg
Hangars: -ship  cp Maximum: Tiny 2-ship; No hangar
Consumables:  cp Maximum: 1 month
Hyperdrive Multiplier: ×  cp
(Backup Hyperdrive): ×  cp
Space Movement:  cp Maximum: 15; Guessed Atmosphere: 343 / 988 km/h
Manoeuvre: D+  cp Maximum: 3D
Hull Strength: D+  cp Base hull strength: 0D+2; Maximum: 6D+1
Shield Strength: D+  cp D R P; Maximum: 4D
(Backup Shield): D+  cp D R P;
Sensors: Passive: / D+ cr
Scan: / D+ cr
Search: / D+ cr
Focus: / D+ cr
Weapon Damage Fire Control Range Emplc Cost Tur Lnk
Launcher Damage Fire Control Range Emplc Cost Tur Lnk
(Weapon Totals):  emplacement(s)  cp cr Max Emplace: 100; Heavy Emplace: >50
Additional Equipment:
Equipment Mass Cost
[Custom Equipment]
(Equipment Totals):  tonne(s) cr Max Equipment: 15 kg

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This ship generation system is copyright ©2009 Jeremy T. Gibson, and is distributed under a modified BSD-like licence. See licence.txt for details. It is based upon the works of Krapou and Grimace.