Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 30

First, my apologies for not getting this out the door sooner. Don, Adrian, and I will be doing our best to not let this happen again.

Second, here’s the episode! In here, we discuss ship damage control, a four-way lightsaber battle versus Vader that comes up in Falling Starinterstellar communication, and plenty more! Have a listen, and don’t forget to share feedback!

Due to the fact that this is a rather long podcast, we can’t upload here. However, you can download or stream it from our Dropbox – here’s the link:

State of the Game : The EU

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up(and really, who hasn’t?), Lucasfilm announced Friday that they were canning the entire Expanded Universe. You can also find a YouTube video about it here.

The Expanded Universe involves all the information created outside the movies – the events preceding Episode I and post-Episode VII. From The Truce at Bakura, to the Thrawn trilogy, even to events at the dawn of the Jedi, all have been put into a separate “Legends” catagory, and all canon will only encompass Episodes I-VII, The Clone Wars, and Star Wars : Rebels, along with the new movie trilogy.

I personally see this as yet another bad decision from a company that’s slowly going down the drain.  To alienate storyline after storyline, to a universe that I’ve been a part of for so many years feels like an amputation to my imagination. I don’t agree with this in any part, and I worry for the next movies. I know some of you disagree with this, and would be glad to see the EU go. To me, however, the EU was bringing me all sorts of extra campaign material.

What does this mean for the SWD6 community? Little, believe it or not. If you’re a purist, and a GM, you’ll keep your campaigns within what Lucasfilm declare canon to be. I have the Wraith Squadron Sourcebook in the works, which is EU-centric information, and I don’t see cancelling it. As a matter of fact, I’m going to hold tight to the EU-now-Legends information, and continue to publish books based upon it. The Legends series will also continue to be published as well. Until I get it from dependable sources that the new canon is worth spending my time and/or money on, the EU is where I’ll be.


What Now?

I got word from Adrian last night that the interview with James Spahn wasn’t on our shared Dropbox. Seems that the Internet has eaten it. So, we’re going to re-do the interview then release it at a later date.

Good News and Not So Good

The good news is that we submitted Episode 30 for editing.

The bad news is that our excellent editor is having to deal with his paying work and so the episode won’t be out until next week, he thinks.

But we’re still chugging it out, folks. Please bear with us just a bit longer.

We’re Still Here

This time, it’s recording problems. We “finished” recording yesterday, and were ready to ship it all over to Adrian for editing when Don discovered that the recording stopped right after The Jedi Library and picked back up again, for some reason, right at the close.

We’ll try to bang it out one more time today and get it in the hopper.

Schedule Conflict Heck

That pretty much sums it up. Between my work and Don’s…whatever it is Don does, we’ve not been able to get out a whole episode this week.


However! I do have an interview with James Spahn, the author of The Dark Times Sourcebook, plus some neat discussions in the pipe.


We’re also kicking around the idea of going bi-weekly as people are getting busy and aren’t posting so much. Let us know what you think!

Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 29

In this week’s episode, we tried to talk Galaxy Guide 11 : Criminal Organizations, but that fell into a dud, seeing as I haven’t had the chance to finish reading it.

However, we did get to discuss revamping the Force into its own attribute, along the lines of the Metaphysics attribute in D6 space. Many thanks to Whill and crmcneill on this thread over on the Rancor Pit for starting the idea:


The GM of the Falling Star podcast has posted up a revamped skill list for the campaign. Take a peek here:

Also, I didn’t give the URL out for Falling Star correctly last episode. it’s .

Also, forgive the shortness of this episode. I was testing out a new Internet set-up at home and it failed miserably. We’ll get back to something more stable for next week’s episode.