Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 33

Don and I handle “buddy NPCs” based upon an NPC that Kevin Wortman over on G+ posted.

We also talk starship versus capital ship, and the possible imbalance of scale.

crmcneill from the Rancor Pit brought up the topic of practical applications of disturbances in the Force: just a plot device, or can a mechanic be applied to it?

Lastly, we handle cybernetics and the Force. Should having cybernetics decrease ability to use the Force? If the Force is life, doesn’t cybernetics hamper that?

We’re Not Dead.

Nor are we living challenged.

Adrian, our talented editor is taking care of some business at the moment, and without him, I’ll have to edit, and believe me, you don’t want that.

We’re still recording, but for the moment, we don’t have anything published. Fear not, oh loyal listeners! I will start making more blog posts to keep the tedium low.

Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 32!

Shooting Womp Rats Episode 32


We’ve also gone an hour again, and WordPress doesn’t like it!

This week, we(by we, I mean Don) has found a ton of information to talk about!

Don tells us about a couple of races he statted up from the Crimson Empire comic book series: the Echani and the Thyrsians. He also shows off the Neshtu, a race of rocky pacifists.

Jez Gordon wanted stats for the Harch, an arachnoid race mentioned The Clone Wars. Don provided!

We discuss “cash cow” skills: Pick Pocket, Gambling, Forgery, and the like. Skills that players use to gain coins.

Then there’s the Mandalorian posts by Don: the Bes’uliik and Tra’kad ships, as well as a write-up on Beskar, Mandalorian iron which is incredibly strong. He also wrote up Beskar’kandar, Mandalorian armor.

We’ve got the D-5 Mantis craft from The Old Republic statted out as well.

More Stats!

Nen-Carvon PX-7 Troop Transport