Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 32!

Shooting Womp Rats Episode 32


We’ve also gone an hour again, and WordPress doesn’t like it!

This week, we(by we, I mean Don) has found a ton of information to talk about!

Don tells us about a couple of races he statted up from the Crimson Empire comic book series: the Echani and the Thyrsians. He also shows off the Neshtu, a race of rocky pacifists.

Jez Gordon wanted stats for the Harch, an arachnoid race mentioned The Clone Wars. Don provided!

We discuss “cash cow” skills: Pick Pocket, Gambling, Forgery, and the like. Skills that players use to gain coins.

Then there’s the Mandalorian posts by Don: the Bes’uliik and Tra’kad ships, as well as a write-up on Beskar, Mandalorian iron which is incredibly strong. He also wrote up Beskar’kandar, Mandalorian armor.

We’ve got the D-5 Mantis craft from The Old Republic statted out as well.

More Stats!

Nen-Carvon PX-7 Troop Transport


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