The Logistics of a Podcast

We’re a bit behind in our recording. As the avid listener may or may not know, Don and I(note: make an ABOUT US page) are family men. As such, we fall under the schedules of such family.

I’ll even take you further down the rabbit hole and give you a peek at the inner workings of the podcast.

I sit at the desk of the office I currently inhabit, at a Dell laptop with Ubuntu installed on it, and Skype opened. I use a Razer Carcharias gaming headset as my microphone. I don’t have a fancy setup. I’m unsure as to what Don uses. We chitchat, running over the script and making sure we understand what’s to be discussed. I have to run a network cable to my laptop as the wi-fi here is unreliable.

We finish the pre-show, and get to the meat. Don opens an app that records our conversation, and we get to work. We run through the script, trying our best to keep from giving a “reading” sense of it all. There are just some things that you can’t avoid, though: the community posts that Don makes, for one. Sometimes, we need to clarify community posts and comments that people don’t see.

We try to keep things as perfect as possible, but there are flubs, naturally. Freudian slips, Senior Moments(when something just gets stuck on the tip of your tongue and you can’t remember to get it out), and just mispronunciations litter a recording. If I ever release the raw files, you folks would laugh yourselves silly. Note to self: do a commentary-style recording, no editing allowed, just to give you folks a taste.

We finish the recording, and chitchat again, a post-recording party of sorts. We upload the recorded file to Adrian, who makes our pile of excrement into gold, and then we adjourn for the day.

I see so many podcasters these days with radio-quality setups and think, I’ll never get this show to that level. Then I get one comment that isn’t spam and realize, I’m just fine where I am.


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