Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 36

On “Cracken’s Most Wanted,” we have a guest that refused to tell us his name, but he has plenty of intel to share with us about the upcoming fan-released version of Star Wars : The Roleplaying Game  Third Edition! You can see his team’s progress with it over on the Holocron!

The Wraith Squadron Sourcebook is in the writing/planning phase. Please stop by this Rancor Pit thread to share your thoughts!

Don and I continue “GM 101” by discussing how to involve your players in your story, NPC development and adventure development.

Due to popular request, Don and I will be recording an “unplugged” podcast to celebrate a year of SWR!


Good News, Everyone!

Well, we’ve got our replacement editor.

Everyone welcome Joey Aguilera to the Shooting Womp Rats crew! I think he’s going to fit in just fine!

That aside, we’re going to get Episode 36 out the door, because it has HUGE INFORMATION(insert thousands of exclamation points and 1s afterward) that just needs to be shared with the community…

…that and well, we’re just too far behind. Episode 37 is going to be our “Episode in the Buff-er-Raw-er-UNEDITED” edition to celebrate a year of the show.

Thank you all so much for your patience!

Vacancy in the Office!

Due to paying work-related issues, our beloved Adrian won’t be available for editing. Don and I wish him the best, and hope he returns quickly.

We are unsure as to when Episode 36 is coming out. We’re moving forward with recording 37, and if Adrian can’t finish 36, I will hash it together(read: make it sound like yowling cats).

That being said, we now have an opening for an Editor. Applicants should email us – – and let us know what you will be bringing to the table.

Editors are expected to:

Be voluntary: We can’t pay you. We’d love to, and if any circumstances pop up that allow us you, yes, we will share.

Be communicative: Don and I talk at least every other day, whether is be Skype, Google, or phone. We just ask that you keep in touch with us to make sure you’re alive. We’re not pushy guys, we promise.

Have working knowledge: Yes, we can’t pay you. That doesn’t mean that we want a person that throws together our material  all nilly-willy either. I can do that by myself just fine, thanks. Please be familiar with the editing process.

It would be a huge plus if you either have a passion for roleplaying or the D6 system. We’d like to make you a part of the show by allowing you to guest-host or even co-host when one of us isn’t available.

We look forward to hearing from you!