Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 36

On “Cracken’s Most Wanted,” we have a guest that refused to tell us his name, but he has plenty of intel to share with us about the upcoming fan-released version of Star Wars : The Roleplaying Game  Third Edition! You can see his team’s progress with it over on the Holocron!

The Wraith Squadron Sourcebook is in the writing/planning phase. Please stop by this Rancor Pit thread to share your thoughts!

Don and I continue “GM 101” by discussing how to involve your players in your story, NPC development and adventure development.

Due to popular request, Don and I will be recording an “unplugged” podcast to celebrate a year of SWR!


6 thoughts on “Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 36”

  1. Another method to use in order to better describe the setting or NPC being engaged is to have the artist in your group draw the scene and/or the NPC. This has worked wonders in my group generating even greater participation especially from the artist who then has a vested interest in interacting with the scene and/or NPC she just created.

  2. Hey guys,
    New listener and brand new to D6 so new I haven’t played it yet. Great podcast.

    I was curious as to where you are getting the random tables for the mission generation portion of the show?



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