The Magazine Is GO!

Star Wars D6 fans;

Consider this an open letter. Myself with a talented staff have begun work on what we’re calling Wild Space Magazine, and we need your help. If you’re an aspiring writer, an artist looking for a place to showcase Star Wars-related work, or a GM with stat blocks galore, we want you!
Wild Space Magazine is a publication similar to the Adventure Journals of the past. Each issue will have a theme that we’ll follow in general, a “mailbag” segment in which we address letters/emails to the editor, a mechanics section, an adventure section, then a story section.
The staff and I are incredibly excited to see where this venture will take us, and we’re doubly excited to see what you can send us. We are shooting for Issue One to be released in December, with the first theme being Life Day.

Please address all comments/submissions/Jawas to .

Thank You,
Daniel Stull
Wild Space Magazine

Shooting Womp Rats Episode 37!

We announce the beginnings of the Wraith Squadron Sourcebook, delve into player interludes in GM 101, and discuss a couple of items we picked up off the Rancor Pit.

We’re back, folks!

Update: I’ve heard some rumblings about the link I put in. WordPress hates large file sizes. I’m getting with Andrew to up the size limit so we can avoid this unpleasantness ever happening again. Enjoy the Spreaker version this go-round!

Another Idea

I do too much thinking sometimes.

I saw where people are making(via Print-On-Demand) magazines. What would be the interest level of a SWD6 zine? We would have submissions, articles, and all sorts of goodies inside. We’d also have a e-version so people wouldn’t just HAVE to buy it.

Now I know I have plenty of research to do to see if I can get around licensing issues and what not, but it seems do-able I think. It’s just one of the things you have to face when you back a “dead” system with a big-time license, I suppose.

Updates and Such

Folks, I know at least three of you have been waiting with baited breath for the next episode of the podcast. We’re trying to get there, honest. We just can’t synchronize anything for some reason, and I’m probably just going to have to bite the bullet, tell the wife to give me an hour, and bang out an episode at night.

I playtested A Night at the Opera Saturday night for L.U.G. Con, and I got an overall positive review from the players. Their main complaint was a lack of maps. I feel it right there with them. My only problem is that I’m horrible with maps. I’m coming to you, loyal listeners: how does a schlemiel like me make good maps? 

As soon as we get Episode 37 out the door, you’ll see it here.