Shooting Womp Rats Episode 42

We talk yet more Wild Space Magazine and our plans on getting Issue One out the door in early December.

A few things we discuss:

There’s an Old Republic Sourcebook in the works, courtesy of Mojomoe from the Rancor Pit. We’ll be reviewing that next episode!

What goes into a good scout/explorer campaign?

Get a job? What are prices for using skills in a career-type situation?


That and more!

Hello, Redditors!

Jesse from the Falling Star Podcast recommended that I start putting more word out about the site as well as getting an image. Well, Mojomoe from the Rancor Pit did a great job with our image(it was even put in as an ad for D6 Magazine), but I can’t figure out how to make it work here.

I’ll put out the word and hope that someone can give a brother a hand with this.

Welcome to the Redditors who’ve been flocking to read this blog and listen to the podcast! I appreciate you coming in and checking us out. If there’s any feedback you have, please feel free to drop a line to our Reddit account(shootingwomprats), or help out in our own subreddit(which is very very rough at the moment) – r/swd6

Thank you for your interest, and I hope we bring swd6 into this age.

Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 41


Don’s back! Imperial scientists released him from study to record, then are taking him back into custody afterward, though. They have to know just how a human survives so much illness.

We take a closer look at using Con or Perception to determine whether someone’s lying. 

Also, there’s this talk of a d20 Star Destroyer being converted to D6. While we were scratching our heads about this, it came to light that this isn’t a “canon” ship, but a fan-made creation. Even then, listen to see what we thought of it.

This and much more!

Shooting Womp Rats Episode 40

Mike Fraely stepped into the studio to help me get this episode out, so many many kudos to him for taking time out of his hectic schedule to help us.

We discuss quite a few things this episode:

Our good friend and former editor Adrian’s blogging about the Rebels TV series from the standpoint of it being a D6 campaign. Have a look at his blog here, and stay around for the other things he posts!

JonFisto from the Rancor Pit is posting up Star Wars adventure hooks on Twitter! You can subscribe to his feed by searching for @SWRPGAdventures.

We also get a peek at Mike’s upcoming rule set for D6 Junior, a kid-friendly version of SWD6!

As always, if you’ve got a character, art, story, or article, we’d love to have a look at it for Wild Space Magazine!

Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 39

We covered a lot of things:

We also need to update the status of Wild Space Magazine. We’re on track for Issue One’s release in December. We could always use more material, though. Please send all submissions to shootingwomprats at the gmail

I also posed a question in the podcast that we forgot didn’t cover. Here’s the question, and let’s see who gives us the best feedback on it:

In a previous adventure I was GMing, a player was physically restraining an NPC in order to keep a fight from happening. The NPC was asked that if he were released, would he keep calm? The NPC said yes. My player, in turn, asked an unusual question: Could I use Perception to tell if the NPC was lying?

What do you folks think? Should we work on a new skill or just cut-and-dry it?


The State of the Game 2015

Friends, Players, GMs:

This game has seen a resurgence over the past year. While Don and I have been lax in releasing episodes of the podcast, I intend on rectifying that.

Wild Space Magazine will also usher in a new age, a return to the days of the Adventure Journals. We will show the roleplaying community that D6 isn’t dead. We will take what Fantasy Flight makes, and convert it to our purposes. We will take what Disney makes, and turn it into sourcebooks.

The REUP project has completed. It’s been printed. Read it here:

This document shows that we haven’t just gone off into the night. We are the OSR of space opera, and we’re not going anywhere.

We have a Medical Sourcebook on the horizon, compliments of Luwingo Spence from the Rancor Pit. I’ve been writing adventures now for a while, chasing the dream of the Wraith Squadron Sourcebook, and putting together ideas for even more books. What matters is that we continue on. We take what West End has given us, and we make it even better than they imagined. This doesn’t mean we rewrite it all – look at the REUP project! They didn’t re-make the system, they updated it!


There’s hope for this system, the system that was my second foray into roleplaying, and the one I fell in love with so many years ago. The word needs to get out: Star Wars D6 isn’t going to just be in the dark corner, by itself. It’s going to be out there, at the table, rolling sixes on the wild!