On Vacation

Don and I are on vacation for this week as we get some time in with our families. Does this mean no podcast? Yes. I’m also giving Joey some time as he has to deal with hearing our voices so much.

However, this wouldn’t be much of a blog post without some news, and news I do have. Don and I got together in-between holiday events, and we came up with a grand idea. The first weekend of May is naturally the May the Fourth weekend. We wanted to get the community playing, and if not playing, then watching. Don and I are going to host a con during this weekend, and it’s only for SWD6.


Here, have a graphic that Don made – it explains it well. May the Fourth Be You D6 Weekend


Let me be clear on this: we’re not just seeking money. You don’t have to give a dime to get in on this. Pay What You Want” means just that – don’t give, do – and you’re still in to play.

A few other things we intend on doing that weekend:

  • A live Shooting Womp Rats recording, as we field comments and questions from our listeners
  • I’ll be GMing a one-shot
  • Don will be GMing a few adventures
  • I am going to try to get the Wild Space Magazine staff together for a game

If there’s any way you’d like to help, please let us know.

Shooting Womp Rats Episode 44!

The Pre-Life Day or Life Day Eve episode brings us together to discuss:

We also head to the Jedi Library and talk about The Medical Sourcebook, which is chock-full of healing goodness!


This episode will also have a Life Day surprise in it for all the listeners out there. Let us know what you think about it.

Shooting Womp Rats Episode 43

Information on our characters of the week and Don’s community posts can always be found on our Google Plus community.

This week, Don and I handle a discussion on faster Lightsaber Combat. This one, even after reading it, left us both scratching our heads. Then again, the “Bucket ‘O Dice” mechanic about Force skills usually leaves me confused.

We review the upcoming Galaxy Guide 16 : The Old Republic. We’ll also have its author, Mojomoe, on the show in a future episode to discuss the book further.

A skip tracer/repo man template also crossed our desk, and we talk about it as well.

There is an announcement coming soon that I believe will really spark some excitement. It’s already got me excited (Don doesn’t even know)! It’s going to be my Life Day gift to all of the community that has really come together over this year in support of the podcast, and in support of Wild Space.

Patient Pending

A listener critiqued the podcast with this phrasing:

I got that feeling again that you use the podcast to critique or rebutt or get the last word in on forum discussions

We’ve been critiqued like that before, and it’s a little disheartening. Then again, the truth usually is. No one wants to hear it, and those who do are hurt before realizing that things have to change. This did spark a bit of a different reaction from Don, who isn’t me. I took time to reflect on the critique.

Don pressed for more information, and you can read the rest of that thread for it all.

What really matters is that people are responding, and that means something to me.

On the Wild Space front, I’m moving the deadline for Issue Two submissions to February 28th, 2015. After a nice discussion with my staff, we’ve decided to make the magazine quarterly. So get to work, send us your things, and let us make them pretty!

Wild Space Issue One In Production

The submissions for Issue One are in, and we’re in the process of cleaning everything up for production. I’m hoping to have the final copy out and ready some time next week.

A quick peek at the who and what:
Honor For Hire – Mike Fraely
Crashing the Party – Nate Christen
Home For Life Day – Andrew Gilbertson
The Life Day Truce – Jeff Diamond
Kirill Pyke – Mark Compton

A big congrats to these fine folks for their work and for lending it to us. What I’m needing now from you, dear listener/reader, is for you to read Issue One, enjoy it, then use it.

Use it to play the game. Use it to fuel ideas for your own submissions, then send those submissions to us to use in later issues.

Issue Two’s deadline will be tentatively set for December 31st. Please submit your things to shootingwomprats at the gmail thingy.

Another thing – if you’ve got a talent you want to show off for the magazine, whether it be playing with pdfs, to ideas on editing, to photoshopping ads – please let us know. I don’t want to burn out the people I have.

Thank you all!