Shooting Womp Rats, Episode 47


Howdy, folks! In this episode, we try to make up for lost time, and fail miserably. We consulted with our scientists (yes, we have scientists, because science), and discovered that it would take us at least five years to catch up on our episodes. We were sad, but then we brightened up as we brought you some Valentine’s love!

All this and much more inside!


A Few Updates

I’m up to my ears at the moment throwing together a collaboration with Don. He’s calling it the Invasion Era Sourcebook, and it just centers around a question he once posed:

“What would happen if the Yuuzhan Vong invaded during the Clone Wars?”

It’s an interesting project at the moment, and I’m pulling sources from the d20 books, the Saga books, and Wookiepedia in order to get it together.


REUP Mark II was released a week ago, and Womp Rat Press has seen a resurgence of activity due to it. Officially, the REUP team has stepped away from the table and will not make another revision at this time. Unofficially, it should be up to the rest of us to make the revisions. We’re working with the Project Lead of the REUP team in order to compile a list of errata, and then we will make a move on it. This may take months, but you, the community, can make it a lot less time-consuming if you help out. We’ve got an errata thread going at the Rancor Pit forums – – so please go through the book, and go through the thread to make sure your errata hasn’t been posted. Once we’ve got the list as complete as possible, we will pore over it and apply the changes.

On the podcast front, I’ve been running into difficulties yet again with recording. I usually do this from my office at work, but that has changed. I’m going to get with Don and start getting episodes out. We’ve got a great series on GMing that I think will really help out those struggling to take a story and put it into a campaign.