Shooting Womp Rats Episode 49!


Required Disclaimer: Don recorded this episode all by his lonesome. Anything said in this episode is subject to all sorts of craziness. Listen at your own risk…and maybe listen where others can’t hear. 

Now that that’s out of the way, Don really stepped up for me. I’ve started a new job recently, and it threw off my recording schedule yet again. In good news, I’ll be back the saddle this week and ready to hit up the studio once again.

Some things that Don will be bringing to you:

  • Keith Kilburn from the Google Plus community and also a co-host has been sharing re-caps of his face to face game set in an alternate Rebellion Era;
  • Keith’s also been hard at work on a YT Sourcebook. It’s in my hands right now for editing. Be excited, smugglers and free traders!
  • Raymond McVay, newest addition to the Womp Rat Press team, has given us his latest creation, the Class-6 Escape Pod.

All this and much more inside!

Behind Yet Again

We’re revving up putting out Issue Two of Wild Space Magazine so please bear with podcast delays. It also doesn’t help that Don’s PC is also still on the fritz.

There’s been something bothering me over the past two days, and I’m going to step back a moment and just talk.

We(Don and I) accept criticism, no matter if it’s good or bad. We consider it all and base our reactions accordingly. I will tell you that I take it all seriously as well. If there’s something you the listener have a problem with, let us know. We can do nothing without being notified of it. If you don’t say anything and either just say to yourself, “Well, I won’t just listen to this anymore,” then you aren’t helping anything. Just ignoring what you see as a problem does nothing for a community. It does nothing for us, and believe it or not, we want to only bring out the best we can for this system. We sink so much time behind the scenes, writing out material, creating, and collaborating – we don’t want to see that wasted. We’ve made a ton of friends that enjoy this system just as much as we, and I don’t like seeing friendships broken. Not like this, and not over this.

If we do or say something on the show you don’t agree with, shoot us an email. I promise I won’t argue with you. I read anything that goes there and I address it. If I (Daniel) have said something or expressed something that unsettles you, the listener, I need to know so I can look back over it, determine if I truly did say something unsettling or offensive, and correct it post-haste. If there are complaints about something Don expresses, you can also email the show, and I will forward anything pertaining to him straight to him so that he will know.

I will draw the line at trying to control, curtail, or otherwise depress Don’s opinions. I don’t agree with him all the time, no. I certainly won’t stifle him either – he’s a brilliant man with a creative mind driven to further SWD6. We have different styles of thought, and I honestly believe it strengthens the podcast.

Okay, that’s enough. I think I got it all out of me. This is a public call, though: send us what you think. Don’t be afraid to be concerned. Don’t expect an argument. Yes, I’ll probably ask for some clarification on things, but I’m not here to argue but to provide the highest-quality podcast on the OSR of Star Wars roleplaying.


Not to mention the lovely products Womp Rat Press has coming down the pipe. 2015 is shaping up to be a great year.

Shooting Womp Rats Episode 48

Alrighty! We’re back with a special surprise for our listeners!

Keith Kilburn, a local GM (to me, at least), joins us as guest host while Don prepares the necessary sacrifices to summon Cthulu  fix his PC. After some introduction and the usual Don’s big bag of submissions, here’s what we(and you) get:



Stay a while, and listen!

Don’s Computer Go Bye Bye

For those of you wondering where we’ve been;


Don’s computer has bit the bullet, and the one he uses as a backup cannot be used for recording. This complicates things for us, but may just well be a chance for you. I need someone to guest host with me until we can get Don back on his virtual feet again, or until he stops botching his Computer Repair checks.

We’re also a little short on content when it comes to Issue Two of Wild Space Magazine.  If you’ve got anything, please let us know: shootingwomprats at the gmail.

We are working hard to get back into podcasting, and just ask for patience. We’re also cranking out REUP products as well. If you ever want to help, there’s an address for that, too – swreupteam at gmail.

Thank you all for your support and help in making the OSR of Star Wars roleplaying a reality!