C is for Cookie – wait, no.

No, this time we’ll be taking you to the lovely Calfa system.

This one is a classic from the early days of Don’s community posts. I’m going to throw in a little extra for you.

Calfa is the only planet in its system that can sustain life, though that life is difficult due to its atmosphere, which consists mainly of hydrogen. As such, those species that do not breathe hydrogen must use a breath mask in order to function on Calfa’s surface.

The surface of Calfa is dominated by large oceans that teem with dangerous lifeforms from schools of small carnivorous fish to massive leviathans deep beneath the surface. The oceans are rich in oxygen, which is harvested and processed into breathable air for the habitats near the polar caps. There are also mining operations at the bottom of Calfa’s oceans, where brave souls risk the dangerous lifeforms in order to bring in a bounty of minerals. Tourists with large bank accounts come to Calfa to fish those oceans in a series of life-risking trips.

The average temperature on Calfa ranges from 0 degrees Celsius to 60, depending upon time of day and geographic location.

The primary starport on Calfa is at the city of Sayul, and provides standard services. Over 9 million beings inhabit this massive dome, located near the northern polar cap.

Sayul is run by a dictator, who is actually the supervisor of mining operations, one Marion Grumb. He rules all aspects of government as well as the people. Grumb insists on being called “Director Grumb” and is rather eccentric – one moment he is benevolent and just, the next a complete and total tyrant.


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