One Thousand Members!

Yesterday marked a milestone for our Google Plus Community – we hit a thousand members. To me, that’s a great number for a system that is no longer commercially available to a licence we will never be able to afford.

To those of you who’ve been with us since the beginning: Thank you. I can’t begin to express my appreciation over your support and interest. We are going to continue, heck or high water, to bring you the best in fan-created material.

To those of you who’ve left us for various reasons: Reconsider. The only way for this community to remain strong is to remain one. We can’t agree on everything. Not even Don and I can. We need your different views to see all options as GMs and as players.


Again, I’m asking for help with layout work. Peter Lomas, our incredibly talented layout guy, is buried under Womp Rat Press projects and needs to see some daylight. Let’s see if we can get him some help. If you know how to make pretty layouts, or are willing to learn, please let us know. I don’t want to see WRP projects not heading out to you folks because we finally burned Peter out.

Layout Person Needed!

Hi, everyone! You might know me from such podcasts as Shooting Womp Rats or as the head of Womp Rat Press.


We’re in need of some help. Peter, our layout man(and the driving force behind publishing) is getting burned out. We need some folks that can either learn how to do a layout or have some experience to give him some help. Peter’s way too valuable to us to lose to burnout.

A quick caveat on this, though – we are all volunteers.  No one is paid. I don’t want someone trying to join up only to find out that we’re unpaid.

So, if you’re still interested – shootingwomprats at gmail

We’re Still Around!

Yep, it’s been a while since the podcast. Mea culpa.

I’ve lost my microphone in the move and because I’ve stacked some bills(and not in the hip hop manner), I really can’t make any moves on a new one quite yet. Fear not, gentle listeners! I am going to put in plans to have a nice host to help Don out so we can get things rolling on the audio end again.

So, who feels like they know a system and can put up with get along with Don? Volunteers to shootingwomprats at the gmail thingy.

In other good news, Rebels has been shipped off to Peter for formatting, and my editing attention has been moved to Keith Kilburn’s new CEC book on capital ships.