A Discussion and A Cry For Help

Folks, here’s the cry for help, first off.

Womp Rat Press needs yet another layout person. We’re behind on projects and Peter, our talented layout guy, is burnt out. He’s a volunteer so a break(with the hopes he’ll return – hint hint, Peter!) is more than welcome. Even Don and I need it.

We want to keep pushing out books and Wild Space Magazine, but we can’t without help.

Speaking of Wild Space, we’re needing content for Issue Three. Articles, characters, locations, vehicles, short stories, adventures…we can work with it all.

Another idea I’ve been toying with is filling a book with some of Don’s Random Adventures written out into detail. If you’ve written up an adventure with one, and you’d like to share it, please shoot me an email – shootingwomprats at gmail – so I can read it, edit it, and then throw it into the [Womp Rat Press Untitled Project].

Same thing goes for the layout person – email Don and I and we will get back with you post-haste.


Now for a little discussion. I love starship combat. I love watching the battles in the films and even the TV shows. I’m a rabid fan of the TIE-series.

Yet I’m not a fan of the way starship combat is handled in D6. Our fellow colleague Charles McNeill is a grognard of huge proportions in the starfighter combat scene and I’m not sure if he’d agree with me or not but I feel that D6’s starfighter combat is just..clunky. He’s even collaborated with me to add in some simpler rules.

So, discuss: Can we improve D6’s starfighter(and quite even possibly vehicle) combat mechanic, and if we can, how?

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