Episode 54 – The Empire Gets Silly



We do. It’s more just running the gamut with some banter interspersed.

And some nostalgia combined with recognizing Pietre(now henceforth known as “Peter” – we still love your work) Valbuena’s continued efforts on statting lesser-known characters, updates on current Womp Rat Press work, then the added discussion on just what skills a Jedi should need fresh off of being a Padawan.

Episode 53

Guys, we’re trying some new things here. First off, Joey, our excellent sound editor, has brought us some voice talent for some introductions and such. He’s anonymous(Hmm. Anonyman? You guys think that’s a good name?) for now until Joey realizes I have no idea how to credit him.

We highlight a new release for First Edition, Classic Heroes, give updates on Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, ask, yet again, for help with laying out books(so we can keep releasing WRP material), and highlight Pietre Valbuena’s character highlights. The guy has scoured the movies and pulled obscure characters…then statted them!


EDIT: The voice that Joey has provided us with is Dave Zapata.