Getting Busy Sucks

Between the two of us, it has been heck trying to record an episode. We’re facing some family issues that both of us have to work out, and we are hoping to get back to recording soon.

How’s that for Christmas, eh?


On the other hand, I hope to haveĀ Splinter of the Mind’s Eye complete by the end of the month. It’s really, really small, and if you folks have ideas for filler text, I’ll be glad to hear them over at the SWR gmail address.

Don is being his usual ADD self and has been gathering information to put together an Episode VII sourcebook. More on that as time passes.

Wild Space is on hiatus until we can get it formatted and out the door. We’re not giving up on the dream, we just need more.

Thanks for all your support during 2015, Merry Christmas from us, and let’s make 2016 the year that SWD6 resurges!