Episode 58!

We have David Amberson, the author of Galaxy Guide 17: Cybernetics, on to talk about the book, which we review in The Jedi Library, and his upcoming work on a Jedi Netbook.

Kirby Gehman shared up some maps from the FFG community, and a neat site on EotE. Take what you can get, right?

Pietre Valbuena brings us Ban Papeega, Glah Ubooki, Jessica Testor Pava, and Taym Dren-Garen in his continuing series to stat obscure characters in canon.

We also cover Don’s recent rant on the state of players having a possible lazy streak.

6 thoughts on “Episode 58!”

  1. Good interview! In particular, dug the discussion on sensors and starship systems. Really like David A’s way of handling upgraded or swapped out sensors, in that, because of all the work needed to install/modify, it would take a seasoned sensor operator to discern the anomaly from the sensor echo.

    Dustin Hawk’s stuff is great — and it’s great that he’s reaching out to commission original work! The artwork is well done, esp the ship designs, and it’s a classy move. I do think that the only thing holding others back from getting into it, at least in the g+ group, may be that era is so far flung from the OT / Prequel / Clone Wars eras. (A similar timeline distance is what kept me from ever getting into SW: the Old Republic or SW: Legacy.)

    And Taym Dren-Garen totally spends his last characters points on that shot trying to disarm Luke! 1E Luke misses his PER roll vs. Dren-Garen’s hide/sneak and is ambushed, while 2E Luke was stretched *just* thin enough — what with lightsaber combat up, parrying and attacking — for Dren-Garen’s 4D+2 + character points shot to land!

    Re: those players who can’t be bothered with character creation? Good riddance. That’s crazy. Creating the character is half the fun and the GM has more than enough to do. Looking forward to the “what is hand-waved in your game” topic and to the next “Don’s Rant.”

    1. *lol, ridiculous OCD edit: If surprised, neither 1E and 2E Luke could have parried, so maybe Dren-Garen spent his points on both the sneak roll and the attack, as Luke was definitely ambushed by his shot in RotJ. No combat/danger sense raised!

  2. A note on Grievous’ “asthma”, I believe that it happened in one of the clone wars mini cartoons. I’m pretty sure Mace Windu used the force to crush Grievous’ chest while he was running away.

    It stood out to me in the cartoon because it was a Jedi master most definitely calling on the dark side out of frustration.

  3. Hi there. Just started listening to you guys and love the podcast. Is there any intention to move past episodes into a form that can be used by apps such as beyondpod? Thanks for the great entertainment.

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