A Sad Day…

It would appear that the REUP/Classic Adventures team is going into hiding due to legal issues. From a post in our Google Plus Community:

Hey Folks,

Some recent developments have had us make a few tough decisions here at “The Joy of Roleplaying.” We have had a few people comment about the legality of what we are doing with Star Wars: Classic Adventures, the DarkStryder Campaign Complete, Classic Heroes, and The Star Wars Classic Adventure Journal.

Let me just put this to rest so we can all bury the hatchet. I have always felt that what we do is quite obviously unofficial. Some folks have felt it necessary to inform us that “unofficial” is a padded term for blatant IP copyright infringement of LucasFilm, Disney and the “real” owner of the remaining West End Games intellectual Property; and you know what? They’re right.

Not that we suddenly had an epiphany and came to this conclusion. We just made an assumption that we all had a common interest which precluded stating the obvious. We all wanted to protect the fun we were having by not making it that “big of a deal” or making casual comments about the fact that this whole massive project is “law suite bait.”

Well unfortunately our assumption about the better-nature of folks has been proven wrong on several occasions. I am sick and tired of putting out brush fires and telling people to just shut up about the legality of it. Today I kind of went off on someone who started this up again… even though it may have been mentioned with the best of intentions.

That being said… with folks always itching to skew negative and spout the obvious when it need not be stated, we are pulling all of our existing links from public access. This is not a vindictive move, just a practical one. We all discussed it and determined that it is best to squirrel into a private community reserved for our trustworthy friends.

So if you receive an invite to the Star Wars: Classic Adventures Community, that’s why. We are still planning on finishing Classic Heroes, DarkStryder, and a continuing periodical journal. So our plans haven’t changed, just been altered.

If you don’t have an invite, fear not. I’m sure this stuff will leak out somewhere… Just not from us.

We wish the team the best in their future endeavors, and hope that the material will leak soon.

Catchup and Other Things

First, health issues have struck both Don and I. Don is currently in the hospital, a victim of cellulitis out of control. I spoke to him on the phone today and he’s doing better, heavily medicated but recovering.

I’m a bit different. May 25th, I had a seizure while working . I’m under the care of a neurologist, and am waiting my turn to get an MRI to see if, like my daughter, I have epilepsy. The downside? State law dictates that I am not allowed to drive for six months.

Thank goodness I work from home…

I will be making a Holonet Newswire series of posts soon. We aren’t dead yet.