Catchup and Other Things

First, health issues have struck both Don and I. Don is currently in the hospital, a victim of cellulitis out of control. I spoke to him on the phone today and he’s doing better, heavily medicated but recovering.

I’m a bit different. May 25th, I had a seizure while working . I’m under the care of a neurologist, and am waiting my turn to get an MRI to see if, like my daughter, I have epilepsy. The downside? State law dictates that I am not allowed to drive for six months.

Thank goodness I work from home…

I will be making a Holonet Newswire series of posts soon. We aren’t dead yet.

3 thoughts on “Catchup and Other Things”

  1. Wow. Sorry to hear about everything going on. Being a former epileptic, it can be rough. Lemme know if I can help…


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