Classic Adventures Errata Released!

Find it here!


From “Van Dyke Ross:”

Greetings All,

We have just completed the errata update for Star Wars: Classic Adventures and I am posting the files here:

Star Wars Classic Adventures Ebook

Star Wars Classic Adventures Lulu Hardcover Files

And yes, I know July is spelled Jult… I have no time to remedy this, so we will all just have to be bigger people and learn to live with slight imperfections… Remember there are no mistakes just happy accidents.

Work is well underway for Classic Heroes, but a happy little hitch has occurred. The Classic/REUP team has been able to produce material with such efficiency because we have worked together on actual “legitimate” RPG publications. One such publication has been slated for a new edition, and several of your Classic/REUP team members have signed on to develop that new edition. Of course, the identity of the game will remain confidential, not only have we signed NDAs, but such a revelation would allow folks to easily determine our actual identities. Suffice it to say it is not a Star Wars IP, nor is it Sci Fi.

Nonetheless we will have to suspend development of Classic Heroes, Clear Skies, and the Journal until after completing our future work. We are just as excited to see these books come to life, and we are a little disappointed that we can not finish them this year. But rather than rush them to print, we decided to put them in a holding pattern until a time when we can give them the treatment they deserve.

Again thanks for your support, see you next year…

-Your REUP/CLASSIC team: Van Dyke, Steve Ross, 1st Ed guy and Mike Fett