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Hey there people. Many of you who follow my postings know I had a very serious illness in June that required just under two weeks in two different hospitals and another two weeks bed rest once I got home.

It has been a very slow healing process and it wasn’t until I was well on the road to recovery I found out how sick I had been. Lucky I have my own insurance policy. The problem is paying all these people off.

Everyone wants paid now and I have around twenty or more people who want paid and are not willing to defer so I can get caught up. I am looking at things like two different hospital stays, an emergency room visit, a $2,000 non-emergency ambulance ride, which they will not even deal or offer leniency. They would rather have me pay $30 a month for the next couple of years than take less or offer to reduce the bill.

So, over the last two months we have tightened our belts considerably, cut our expenses as much as possible, cashed out our Roth IRAs (Sorry Megan, our daughter, I know you have college in four years, but the medical people don’t care), and sold off items we did not need, like a cargo van.

Still we are being eaten alive and are falling behind. It is insane. We are not a deadbeat family. We own a modest home, we do not splurge, we a frugal where we can be, we try to save money.

A friend suggested creating a GoFundMe page, so I investigated this.  As much as it punches me in the ego, if you could chip in, that is fantastic, any amount would help.

Also, exposure is important. I personally do not use social media and therefore its a dead end for me, but if you could, please share it among your contacts.

If you took the time to read the entire post, thank you so much. Thanks to everyone for taking a look.

Please help Don if at all possible. He’s been an integral part of this community for years now, and without his help, we would never be where we are now.

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  1. Best wishes to Don and his family, as well as many thanks to Don for his many gifts to the SW RPG community over the years. Will try to kick in what $ I can every month or so, once his GoFundMe is back to being able to receive contributions!

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