3 thoughts on “We Are Back! Episode 60!”

  1. That’s true, it is difficult o get ep 7 data compared to Rogue One, and the releases for BOTH movies are barren. When we got the prequel trilogy, we were flooded by extra books, comics and guides, and for Rogue One we just got the visual guide, Catalyst and that’s it.

    I would be interested in a solution to have RotJ followed by Dark Empire Trilogy, Thrawn’s Trilogy and finally the New Trilogy – I know that certain points are problematic, but the timeframe really works.

  2. Welcome back, Shooting Womprats! Don seems particularly amped in this one. Anyway finally getting a chance to play catch up with the new episodes. Glad that everyone is back in good health, higher spirits and that the creative juices are flowing again.

    PS: You were thinking of the Storm Commandos, no?

  3. And agreed about Ahsoka, she is done at this point.
    And re: subsequent Rebels seasons, they could possibly go for a shorter 13 episode last season or two, not unlike the end of TCW (though I know that was not the intent when wrapping up TCW). And Rebels may be better served with a more focused last 1-2 seasons….

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