Unnamed Living Campaign-Type Project

Yep, unnamed. We’ll work it out as it goes.

So, we had a discussion pop up in the Google Plus community about the upcoming “Legends of the Galaxy” community-fueled campaign.

We need this. Well, not that. We need something similar to it, but for us. ConvertĀ Legends of the Galaxy, sure. But we don’t want to be the same thing

I’m going to go ahead and green light this. I’ll need help, of course, but what we really need is a team of people dedicated to helping with shaping it all out. Writing adventures, art, NPCs, aliens, beasts, you name it. You don’t have to be super talented to have an idea….and we want them. Email us at shootingwomprats at the gmail, or reach out to +Daniel Stull or +Oliver Queen on G+ and let us know.

My current idea is to keep it to one planetary system. Multiple worlds, each with their own unique environments and peoples. I’m going to keep it un-named at the moment. Again, if you have an idea, and you want in on this at the ground floor, let us know.

3 thoughts on “Unnamed Living Campaign-Type Project”

  1. I’m interested. I can help – I think it can be enclosed in a sector, like, like it was with Elrood.

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