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That’s the Japanese version of this special two-in-one episode of the Podcast. Due to us not getting last week out the door, we’ve thrown in both last week and this week into one hour-long episode, and we hope you enjoy.

Just a smattering of what went down:

Don’s Posting Madness!



Generic Airspeeder

Generic Wheeled-Tracked Personnel Carrier

Generic Landspeeder

XP-45 “Golden Chicken” Edition

Adrian BK’s adventure, It’s Worse

Adrian BK’s droid NPC, C2-R0


Then there’s Todd Trausch’s adventure idea. Have a peek:

I have an idea for the game that I’m runnin that could be considered controversial. I’ve been wanting my players to feel like they are a part of the big picture in the Star Wars universe but I didn’t want to just put them into a situation presented in the movies so I came up with a way that their actions could create an “alternate 1984”. So here is what my plan is.

They are currently out of contact with anyone from the Rebellion and are in need of some credits so they will be taking some cargo to Brosi. This cargo is to be delivered to the The Brosin Underground there. While on Brosi they will find out that the Underground is planning a raid on an imperial stronghold on Brosi. From their intelligence they have found that it is a secret imperial lab. They are not sure what goes on there but they intend to shut it down. The PCs will be invited to help with this raid.
The intelligence report on the lab is incomplete and they will find it very well secured on the inside. From the outside the lab looks like a simple warehouse and there will be a few Espo troopers. On the inside they will find a very high tech lab. There are various types of research and experimentation going on here. The main goal of this lab is to create species specific retroviruses to wipe out non humans.

There are 8 holding cells that each have 2 prisoners (1 male & 1 female). Each cell has a different species.






-Mon Calamari



Each lab will have 1-2 dead bodies currently in some stage of autopsy. They are not adult. around the age of 16.

The resistance on the inside of the lab consists of some scientist, CompForce troopers, Storm Commando Troopers, and Roganda Ismaren who is one of the Emperor’s Hands.

If the PCs are able to destroy the lab & capture/kill Roganda Ismaren the timeline will continue as normal.

If she gets away and/or the lab is not taken out there will be a shift to an alternate timeline than the one we are familiar with.

1 month after Brosi encounter (ABE)

-there will be reports of pandemics breaking out on several worlds. The home worlds of the species that were in the lab.

2 months ABE

-The Bothans, Mon Calamari, and Wookiees will be virtually wiped out from the virus.

-because of the devastation to the Bothan species their spy network will completely fall apart

-Akbar will not survive

-Chewbacca will not survive

-The other species will not suffer the same effects. They will, conveniently, find help from the TKD and the Imperials. However, the populations of the others will be greatly reduced.

The survivors on these worlds will be evacuated. No more than 100,000 of each species will be left alive on each world






Many of the survivors will be taken to be slaves to complete the second Death Star

The area controlled by the TKD will increase

-along the Rimma Trade Route to the Sanctuary Pipeline then across to Endor

3 months ABE the Empire will form an alliance with the TKD

-because of the area that the TKD is in control of the Rebellion will be unable to build the base on Hoth

4 months ABE Mon Mothma will be captured and executed

-the rebel alliance will move into the unknown regions

5 months ABE

-the Hutts will pull back into their own territory

6 months ABE

-the Black Sun will be eradicated by the Hutts working with the TKD


-the second Death Star is completed

-Han takes Luke and Leia to Dagobah after Luke gets a vision from Obi Wan

-Both Luke and Leia spend a year on Dagobah and train to be Jedi

1.5 ABE

-the remainder of the Rebel fleet is found and decimated

-roughly ¼ of the fleet survives and scatters

-2nd Death Star + the TKD + Imperial fleet

-Han Solo is killed in this battle


-The Empire and the TKD reduce Hutt space by ¾

-Luke and Leia leave Dagobah

-a third Death Star is completed

2.5 ABE

-The Empire turns on the TKD

2.6 ABE

-the TKD reaches out to what is left of the Rebel Alliance

-a tentative alliance is formed to fight the Empire

2.7 ABE

-the first and third Death Stars are destroyed in a coordinated suicide attack by dissidents within the Imperial Navy


-after several months of preparation and negotiations a new Rebel Alliance is formed

-Luke and Leia join with the new alliance

-Grand Admiral Thrawn is convinced by Jashoone Ta’Kal to join this new Alliance


-after a year of some of the most brutal battles that the rebellion has ever seen the new Alliance makes a final attack against a now weakened Empire

-the second Death Star is destroyed over Coruscant

-Luke and Leia defeat Darth Vader and the Emperor

Some extra info. The TKD is the Ta’Kal Dominion. I got that idea from one of the rumors that you guys posted about a charismatic leader in the Outer Reaches is advocating secession from the Empire. The truth is that this leader (Jashoone Ta’Kal) really is advocating secession. However, he is also no friend of the Rebellion. His goal is to be able to give the Empire enough info and help them out to create his own smaller empire in the Outer Reaches.


We’re Home! And Episode 26!

Welcome to the new home of Shooting Womp Rats! We’re very humbled to have Andrew Zavadin from the D6 Holocron offer us a new host, and we hope to make the best of it. You’ll have to excuse the mess, as I’m trying to clean it all up for you. Expect changes in the coming weeks, and the archive of previous episodes will be placed in a single entry coming soon.

Episode 26 brings us more Don-created content, discussion on the Command skill and more movie-to-adventure ideas, one submitted by Stephen Ligon, from Facebook:


Let’s look at an adventure I came up with based upon a classic movie, see if you can guess it.


An old Jedi Master, named Ard, and two Jedi Knights, named Reid and Bluu, travel to a colony world, designated 9391-0-Z to investigate potential Sith activity. They reach the planet and are never heard from again.


A young Jedi, Rathi, and her pilot and companion, Tuton, a dog like creature, are sent to investigate.


Their starship is brought down by a mysterious storm in the upper atmosphere of the planet and it crashes.


Upon pulling themselves out of the wreckage, Rathi and Tuton have to fight a Sith Warrior called Easta.


After the fight the heroes meet up with a group of colonists, a group of dwarf like people, who hail them as saviors and help them.


Among the effects of the Sith is a Jedi communicator. Rathi uses it and gets in contact with one of the Jedi, Reid, who is being held in a Sith Fortress, by the another Sith alcolyte, Westrin.


Reid tells her that the Ard and Bluu attacked a Sith Master here on the planet, and defeated him, but both were injured and retreated to the City in the Green, a heavily guarded forest city. The Sith Master’s acolytes have been continuing his plans.


Reid transmits coordinates to Rathi and asks her to rescue her.


Rathi and Tuton proceed to the coordinates and along the way they run into a broken down old battle droid being used for cleaning the forest, a injured and mildly brain damaged farmer who is trying to scare off small creatures from his crops, and giant cat like creature with a neural inhibitor on his head preventing him from hurting anyone.


Rathi and her new allies must fight groups of Sith enhanced minions, a small force of ape like creatures with rocket packs and advanced weaponry, among other obstacles.


After freeing Reid and defeating Westrin, the heroes go to the City of the Green and meet up with Ard and Bluu. Ard is so old and battle scarred he can barely move anymore, and Bluu has been in a healing trance waiting for help to arrive.


Jedi Reid suggests to use of a Sith spaceship, she heard about while captive, to leave the planet and contact the Republic.




 Now in case you haven’t figured this out, the movie I adapted was “the Wizard of Oz”.

The continuing adventures of the “Murder Hobos In Space” can be found here, on the Rancor Pit Forums.