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Aiki Combat

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Control Difficulty: Difficult

Sense Difficulty: Moderate

Alter Difficulty: Easy

Note: This Power is exclusively used by the Aiki Order.

This power can be kept "up".


  • This power allows a Jedi to use his body as a weapon. He controls his own Force to allow for precise movements and senses the flow of the Force within his opponent to find his weak spots and predict his actions. He is effectively using the Force to augment his martial arts training. However, this power can only augment his abilities. When he doesn't know how to fight, he will not gain any bonuses - that's why this power is used mainly by Aiki Jedi. After all, the Force may guide you, but it will not replace the need for long training - the quick and easy path is the path to the Dark Side. Using this power, the Jedi also alters the flow of the Force around him to create a protective shield around himself. 

Game Effect:

  • Add 1/2 of Control and 1/2 of Sense dice to Martial Arts pool. However, skill bonus cannot exceed Brawling + Martial Arts (you need to know how to fight, and not rely solely on Force. Force will guide you, but the easy path is the path of the Dark Side...).  Also, he may add 1/4 of Sense and 1/4 of Control (round down) to damage (stun only - to increase physical damage, use dice from MA pool).  Finally, he uses Alter to create a protective shield around him.

This has 2 advantages:

  • Absorb/Dissipate Energy difficulty is Easy + damage roll (however, remember about the penalty from keeping C,S&A power of Aiki Combat up).
  • The greatest concentration of the Force is around his hands. He may Brawling Parry blaster shots with his Sense skill (but he may allocate dice from MA pool) without any consequences. He may also parry or even catch a lightsaber blade. However, deflecting the lightsaber blade is relatively easy (use sense skill and allocate dice from MA pool) and harmless (unless the Jedi will roll 1 on the Wild Die for the parry roll - in this case he must resist lightsaber's 5D energy damage to his hand), then catching it is pretty difficult stunt (roll 1/2 sense dice, and allocate dice from MA pool at 1 to 2 ratio).  Basically, each round roll Control dice against normal lightsaber damage - 5D + Control. Remember, that this is damage to the hand, so it won't kill you. Treat Incapacitated and above as Maimed - you loose your hand and you're left at Wounded).