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Cloak of Darkness

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Control Difficulty: Heroic minus total Dark Side Points, to a minimum of 5, may not be attempted by an individual with less than 5 DSPs.

This is a power that can be kept “up.”

Warning: Use of this power grants a Dark Side Point.

Note: This power is exclusively used by the Shadow Dragons.

Effect: When this power is called, the Jedi calls upon the palpable essence of the Dark Side, turning himself into a silhouette so dark that the eye recoils from it.  When this power is invoked, it grants a +3D bonus to the Hide and +2D to Sneak, and the Jedi holding it will not register on electronic sensors of any type (although the space he is in will register as being completely empty, and some sophisticated systems will be able to detect him due to the lack of normal air in his space).