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Colonial Raptor Class Multipurpose Ship

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Colonial Raptor Class Multipurpose ship.jpg

Name: Raptor
Craft: Colonial Military Raptor
Type: Reconnaissance and surveillance / Battlefield logistics / Search and Rescue / Transport
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 8.6 x 2.9 x 5.6 meters
Skill: Space transports
Crew: 2; Skeleton: 1/+5
Passengers: 10
Cargo Capacity: 75 kg (See Notes)
Consumables: 6 days
Jump Drive: x410
Nav Computer: yes
Maneuverability: 2D+2
Space: 7
Atmosphere: 295; 850 km/h
Hull: 6D+1

  • Passive: 60 / 1D
  • Scan: 120 / 2D
  • Search: 180 / 3D
  • Focus: 6 / 4D

Weapons (See Notes)


  • Cargo Capacity: A Raptor may carry additional cargo in place of passenger space. Increase Cargo Capacity by 2 metric tons per passenger space used.
  • Weapons: Raptors come standard with no weapons. Various weapons systems may be added depending on the mission profile.

Description: The Raptor is the Fleet workhorse. It was designed for a number of missions, including search and rescue, advance scouting, covert reconnaissance, and marine assault and EVAC. In group missions, it serves as communication and electronic warfare support for Viper attack squads. The Raptor is capable of atmospheric flight and has an FTL drive (it can make up to 20 jumps before refueling).

The Raptor is loaded with a full DRADIS package and advanced wireless, surveillance, and sensory systems. It can perform short and medium-range DRADIS scans, and analyze the data collected according to a number of parameters. Most frequently, the ship collects and reviews data from planetary surfaces, searching for minerals, atmospheric conditions, or signs of life.

As a transport vessel, the Raptor is capable of carrying ten marines and their assault gear.

Due to its shape, bulk, and relatively slow speeds, the Raptor is not a good fighter craft. It was not designed for space superiority missions. Normally unarmed, the craft has several hardpoints which can carry small weapon packages. In one case, a Raptor was piloted into a Cylon basestar bearing a nuclear weapon.