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Control Weather

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Control Weather

Control Difficulty: Difficult by Proximity

Alter Difficulty: 5 for every step on the scale:

                          Totally Clear           No Wind

                          Partly Cloudy           Wind 5mph

                          Cloudy                Wind 10mph

                          Cloudy, Drizzle/Lt Snow Wind 15mph

                          Steady Rain or Snow     Wind 20mph

                          Hard Rain,Snow or Sleet Wind 25mph

                          Deluge, Blizzard, Hail  Wind 30mph

                          Heavy Thunderstorms     Wind 40mph

                          Gale Force Winds        Wind 50mph

                          Hurricanes/Twisters     Wind 75mph

                          Hurricanes/Twisters   Wind 90mph

                          Hurricanes/Twisters     Wind 105mph

Example: If it is already drizzling and the Jedi wants a hurricane, his difficulty is 30.      

This power may be kept “up.”

Required Powers: Commune With Nature

Time to Use: One round for every level of change desired

Effect: Through using this power a Jedi may actually control the very weather.  Control is used to handle the forces at play and Alter is used to make the changes.