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Danger Sense (Ur-Variant)

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(Danger Sense as used in the Retrieval storyline)

Required Powers: Life Detection

Sense Difficulty: Moderate

This power can be kept up.

Effect: This power gives the Jedi a vision of a danger that will happen, a fraction of a second before it actually happens. It allows the use of any skill or power as a reaction to a successful hit on the jedi in a defensive way only. The defensive action takes effect just before the attack actually hits and if it is successful, it may prevent some or all damage of the original attack, depending on the exact action that was chosen. Offensive actions and powers can be used in a defensive way. They may not be used to damage the attacker directly, but only to prevent the attack from hitting it's target. The game master may impose additional penalties for certain actions or power use in addition to the normal reaction penalty.

- designed by Kurst & Carsten for the Retrieval storyline