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Danger Sense Optional

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Danger Sense

Author's Note: This is an expansion of the Danger Sense RAW to reflect the official ability of Force users to detect threats more than one round in advance.

Sense Difficulty: Varies:

Reaction Sense - Easy (Allows a Jedi to sense impending danger automatically. Any potential threat registers, so long as the Jedi succeeds on his Sense roll. In game terms, this is treated like a reaction roll, and success means that the Jedi becomes aware of impending danger without conscious choice. On a successful roll, the Jedi simply becomes aware of a danger in his immediate future. The warning doesn’t come from any specific direction, but does increase or decrease as the Jedi moves closer to or away from the danger source).

Identify Danger - Moderate (Once the Jedi is aware of the danger, he may begin to seek out its source. A success on this roll identifies the source of the danger, such as a person waiting in ambush, or a series of trip-wire activated automatic weapons).

Counteract Danger - Difficult (Once the danger is identified, the character may begin to analyze the dangerous situation, feeling their way around the edges of it by examining the danger level involved in various potential actions involving the threat. A success on this roll allows character to identify possible courses of action to avoid or defuse the danger).


When facing a Force-using opponent, Difficulty is as normal plus the opponent’s Control Dice roll.

Difficulty is modified by temporal and physical proximity, as well as threat level (See chart below).

Danger Sense can be used to sense danger to others, modified by relationship.


Physical: +0 - Direct threats to the Jedi +5 - General threat to the Jedi (Jedi on ship’s bridge: "The bridge is going to be attacked!") +10 – Non-specific threat (Jedi on ship’s bridge "The ship’s engines are about to be attacked!") +15 and up – Political, or very vague, non-direct attacks. ("It’s not about the mission, Master. It’s something…elsewhere…elusive")

Temporal: +0 – Will occur in the next round or action +5 – Will occur within the next minute +10 - Will occur within the next half-hour +15 – Will occur within the next hour +20 and up - Will occur in more than an hour

Threat Level: +0 – Minor (Traffic Accident, a simple mugging attempt) -10 – Medium (Assassins lying in wait) -20 – Major (The planet you are on is about to be attacked by the Death Star)

This power can be kept "up" with reservations. The basic “Easy” Danger Sense is always up, but the subsequent, more advanced rolls to identify the source and avoid it must be re-rolled for every threat.

Effect: Danger Sense allows a Jedi a minor glimpse into the future, specifically detecting any potential dangers the Jedi may encounter in his immediate future. This power functions like an early warning system, allowing the Jedi to detect any attacks before they are made. This gives the Jedi time to decide how to react to the danger. In game terms, if any character is going to attack a Jedi, they must declare their action before it happens. Characters who are going to attack the Jedi may add their Control skill to increase the difficulty of using the power.

Source: http://www.rancorpit.com/forums/ by crmcneill, Lieutenant Commander