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Dark Side Dissipation

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Dark Side Dissipation


Control Difficulty:

Size of Target:   Very Easy => Small Pouches

                  Easy      => Regular Boxes

                    Moderate  => Land Vehicles

                    Difficult => Walkers and Sentient Beings

                    Very Diff => Starships

                    Heroic    => Huge Amounts of Dark Side Energy

Sense Difficulty: Object’s Strength or Person’s Control/Perception plus amount of Dark Side Points.

Alter Difficulty: Length of Duration:

                         Very Easy => 1-2 rounds

                         Easy      => 2-3 rounds

                         Moderate  => Several minutes

                         Difficult => 1 hour to a couple days

                         Very Diff => Several days to a few weeks

                         Heroic    => A few weeks to a month

Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Emptiness, Sense Force, Projective Telepathy, Transfer Force, Magnify Senses, Strengthen Object, and Concentration.

Warning: The character using this power must use Absorb/Dissipate Energy before attempting because of the unleashing of huge amounts of Dark Force energy. The damage taken if Absorb/Dissipate is not used is 8D and possible Dark Side corruption.

Effect: This power is a very rare ability.  The user must activate Absorb/Dissipate Energy to protect them from the harsh effects of what they're about to do. After this is done (Difficulty is based on the object, its contamination and its own energy source), the user focuses on the target (a Dark Side Corrupted object) and begins to glow and hum very audibly. Then, a large, bright beam shoots from the user.  Like a plasma torch burning through metal, it penetrates the Dark Side object, drawing Dark Side points away and decontaminating the object. Usually, with a normal object, this will cause a small explosion at the beam's point and cause minor damage to the object, but very little. If used on a person, the user's personal  Force will transfer into the Dark Side person and begin to drain their Dark Side Points and their corruption of the Dark Side. The target must make a Control or Perception roll every round to see if they break free of the light Jedi's atonement power. If they do, a massive explosion erupts, knocking both people backwards, causing damage to whoever isn't protected. The unfortunately if the hold is broken, the person being redeemed will regain all of his lost Dark Side points and abilities. If facing something of enormous Dark Side power, such as Palpatine or a Force Storm, and explosion will occur when the Light energy has broken through the Dark.

  • Note: Force-users with all abilities at least 8D and up can do the above in one-half to three quarters the usual time and if they've had experience before. GM's decision.