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Dark Side Web

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Difficulty: Difficult

Keep Up?: Yes

Warnining:Use of this power gives the user a Dark Side Point.

Effect: When successfully initiated, this power summons strands of dark side power that wrap around the Force·user's target, ensnaring him in a mesh of brilliance. The lattice of energy severs the connection between the Force and the trapped individual and saps the strength from his body.

In game terms, the target of the dark side web loses a number of Force skill dice up to the number of the Forcewielder's alter dice. For example, if King Ommin had 6D in alter, he could lower anyone of Master Arca's Force skills by six dice; or, he could break up those six dice across all three of Arca's Force skills (contol, sense, and alter), lowering each by 2D (or in any combination as long as the total number of dice removed totals 6D).

If the Force·user desires, he may include the Strength attribute in the reduction, thereby given him the option of temporarily removing dice from contol, sense, alter, and Strength in any combination of dice that adds up to his alter skill.

Source: Tales of the Jedi Companion (page 87)