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Direction Orientation

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Sense Difficulty: Easy for familiar planets, Moderate for unfamiliar planets, Very Difficult for space stations

Time to Use: 2 Rounds

This power can be kept up.

Effect: A Jedi using this power connects with the Force surrounding the planet he is on. By probing various aspects of the planet's rotation and magnetic fields, he is able to determine not only which direction he is facing (North, South, East, West, etc.), but also create a sort of internal compass that he may use at any time. As long as the power is kept up, the Jedi is able to tell exactly which direction he is moving in relation to the planet's poles. This power is often used in underground or urban situations, where the more natural signs of direction are frequently unavailable. This power only functions on planets or space platforms which have significant rotation and magnetic fields; it does not function in outer space, or aboard non-stationary space vessels.