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Dragon, The

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Control Difficulty:  Very Difficult

Required Powers: Emptiness, Control Pain

Warning: Although the use of this Power does not automatically grant a dark Side Point, it does increase the desire to take evil actions (which will grant Dark Side Points).  Use with caution.

Note: This power is exclusively used by the Shadow Dragons.

Effect: This is the power that proved the undoing of the Jhemadan, and it remains the cornerstone of the Shadow Dragons.  The Jhemadan had been experimenting with essences, and the Dragon was the image associated with the essence of Power.  When the power is invoked, the Jedi's physical Strength doubles, for as long the power is maintained.  In addition, the thought processes of the invoker increase 33% in speed, enabling much more efficient retrieval of information (KNO skills).

This tampering with the essential nature of the invoker is not without it's penalties, as the Jhemadan discovered.  When a Jedi is under the influence of the Dragon, he sees everything through the amoral and arrogant view of unbound power.  In addition, the power is somewhat addictive in nature, and once experienced, the Jedi will find himself desiring to repeat that experience whenever possible.  Finally, frequent use of the power diminishes the power of it's effects, and starts to cause a physical transformation of it's user into a six limbed, reptilian creature of some sort, but as the partial transformations have always proved fatal somewhere along the line, the exact nature of the creature that the Jedi is on the road to becoming is unknown.

In game terms, the first time the power is invoked, the invoker must make an easy willpower roll to avoid committing an evil act when the opportunity presents itself when the power is up.  Each additional time that the power is invoked, the difficulty of the check increases by 2.  Secondly, once the user has invoked the power once, they must make an easy willpower roll to avoid attempting to call on that power when the need arises.  Each subsequent time the power is called upon will increase the difficulty of that check by 2.  This number will decrease by 2 for every month that passes without the power being called upon, until it no longer exists.  However, each time the power is called upon after that, the check will reappear, at the highest level of difficulty that it reached, +2.  Thirdly, every third time the power is called upon, it's power decreases by 10%.  Finally, if the wild die comes up with a mishap any time the power is called, a minor physical change will take place in the invoker.  3 changes will be noticeable, and 10 will be fatal.