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Electronic Communication

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Control Difficulty: Moderate for process reception, Very Difficult for command/request projection

Sense Difficulty: Easy, ancient computer system; Moderate for non-sentient machines; Very Difficult for sentient machines

Required Powers: Projective telepathy, electronic sense

Effect: This power allows the Jedi to communicate mentally with electronic systems, as if using receptive and projective telepathy.

The Jedi can read the surface processes of an electronic system. The Jedi "hears" what the machine is processing, but cannot probe for deeper information.

If the sense roll doubles the difficulty number, the Jedi can sift through the system memories up to 24 hours old. A Jedi cannot sift through memories in the same round that contact is made - this process takes a full round.

The Jedi can also project his thoughts into the computer system. The Jedi can only send short commands and requests of the system, to gather information and accomplish tasks; the Jedi cannot reprogram the system in any way. If the Jedi does not have clearance to the system, the Jedi may roll Con to try to bypass the security on the system.