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Flames of Anger

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Flames of Anger, Sense and Alter force power (Dark siders)

Sense Difficulty of 20 + Proximity (must be within line of sight)

Alter difficulty of 25 base, +5 per additional meter of range desired, + proximity

NOTE using this power causes the user to gain 1 dark side point per enemy within the targeted area of effect.

Requires: Inflict pain, Injure/kill, TK, Bolt of Hatred and Rage.

Effect: The dark side user channels all his rage into a manifestation of fury, fueling the flames of anger which burst forth suddenly as the user desires, be it a column of wispy black and red flames that drop down from the sky, or the fiery explosion of black energies coming from within each target in the area. This is a Major corruption of the Force, and as such is NOT energy (for armor purposes), instead the blast channels the users anger and rage which manifests itself in the dark energies of this power. The force user affects a base zone of 2 meters square with his 'rage'. If the power is activated successfully, all targets within that area take damage equal to the force user's Perception stat NOT modified by multiple action penalties, with a bonus of +1d per 3d the user has in his Alter score (so a dark side adept with 3d+1 Per, and 7d Alter deals out 5d+1 damage). Those targeted resist with their Perception, and if they are force users themselves, get to add +1d to their soak per 3d they have in Control. If the power succeeds in activating on someone, even if they fully soak the damage, they lose 1 CP from the dark energies washing through their soul. If they take a wound or greater they lose a 2nd CP. Also they are on the ground writhing in pain for that round and the following round much like Force Lightning or Inflict Pain does.

Example of damage. Sith Sid Vicious who has 8d Sense and 9d+1 Alter (With a base of 3d+1 perception) targets a group of rebel scum. They are clumped together tightly while sneaking through a corridor, so are all within a 5 meter square block, which adds +15 to the target # that Sid needs to hit on his Alter roll to properly activate the power. IF he succeeds in activating it, he doles out 3d+1 +3d (from 9d alter) for 6d+1 damage to all the rebels. One of which is a force user with a 4d+2 control, so he gets to add +1d to his Perception roll to resist...

Force power created by David "Garhkal" Stairs with assistance from Grimmace over on the SWRPGNETWORK holonet.