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Force Bolt

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Control Difficulty:

  • Moderate   =>  Spray (1/2 Range & Damage)
  • Difficult      =>  Normal Blaster
  • Very Difficult =>  Laser Torch (Cutting)

Sense Difficulty:  

  • As per blaster skill.

Alter Difficulty:  

  • Very Easy => 2D Dmg
  • Easy      => 3D Dmg
  • Moderate  => 4D Dmg
  • Difficult => 5D Dmg
  • Very Diff => 6D Dmg
  • Heroic    => 7D Dmg
  • Heroic +10=> 8D Dmg Etc.

Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy


  • The Jedi focuses the force into a coherent blast of energy with the same properties of a blaster (i.e. it can be reflected by a lightsaber).  Control is used to call forth the power and determine how well defined the blast is.  Use Sense as if it was your Blaster skill and Alter dictates the damage (see above).  As with most force powers, the skill in itself is not evil, therefore a character does not take a Dark Side Point just for using it.  Its *how* a Jedi uses the power that matters.