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Force Charged Strike

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Control Difficulty: Moderate  => 1D max charge

                          Difficult => 2D max charge

                          Very Diff => 3D 

                          Heroic    => 4D 

                             40      => 5D 

                             45      => 6D            

                             50      => 7D                          

                            etc. up to Control dice equals damage

Required PowersEmptiness or Rage, Absorb/Dissipate Energy

Effect: Through total concentration, a Jedi is able to deliver a single, devastating blow to an opponent.  It takes one action for every die of charge before the strike to charge a fist or any other striking body part i.e. foot, knee, elbow, or forehead.  Upon a successful hit the damage is delivered.  This can also be used with brawling parry.