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Influence Mind

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Influence mind is a new force power that works similar to affect mind, but shifts a targets feelings/emotional base.

Control difficulty is a Moderate (11-15) Plus relationship and proximity modifiers for a 1 'level emotional shift'. Up to Difficult (16-20) for a two level emotional shift

Sense difficulty is the target's Control or Perception roll + proximity

Alter difficulty is the same as the Control difficulty.

Required force powers: Affect mind, control mind, receptive telepathy and Projective telepathy.

When successfully activated, the force user can actually change the emotional state a person has, or the emotional feelings someone has towards someone else (even the force user himself). They can shift emotions two spots up or down no matter how many times this power is used. The Emotional state must be initially determined by the Gm, and it can be shifted up or down the chart as the force user wishes, from like to guarded, or cautious to friendly. If the shift puts someone to "love", they treat said person as their bestest friend, and trusts them explicitly. Those at like (or friendly status) regard the object of their emotional link, as they would a very good friend.

The emotional chart looks like Hatred// Suspicious// Cautious// Neutral (guarded)// Friendly// Liked// Loved// Enamored..