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Control Difficulty: Moderate
Sense Difficulty: Moderate
Required Powers: Combat Sense, Emptiness or Rage

Note: This Power is exclusively used by Monks of Shimura.

This Power may be kept "up."

Notes: Only followers of Shimura should have any knowledge of Ka.  Learning Ka takes much longer than learning other skills/powers.  Disciples of Shimura are dedicated to the slow, rewarding path of the Force, and their style of teaching reflects those beliefs.  Learning Ka requires several years (at least 3) of intensive study at a Temple (the power “Ka” may not be learned until the student has first learned the skill “Ka Lore” and the special ability “Ka Combat”).

Effect: Ka is more than just a power, it is a philosophy and code which describes and dictates all influences in a Disciple of Shimura’s life.  Every movement, kata, and breath tells a story and teaches a lesson.

When activated, a Jedi enters a state similar to Lightsaber Combat where he extends his senses and control of the Force around him to enhance his effectiveness in hand-to-hand combat.  While keeping this power up the Jedi receives several bonuses:

One “free” Brawling Parry per round.
Add 1/2 Sense Dice to Brawling for strikes.
Add Control to Strength for Stun damage (through striking an opponent's pressure points.  Pressure strikes require a harder difficulty modified by location and knowledge of the target's species, although a successful Alien Species or Sense Life may reduce the Pressure Strike penalty).
Add Control to Strength to resist Blunt damage (Blunt ONLY)
Add Sense to Brawling Parry (vs. Brawling strikes)
Add Control to the Return Melee Attack Maneuver as described in Ka Combat.