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Lightwhip Combat

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Control Difficulty: Moderate

Alter Difficulty: Moderate

This power may be kept "up."

Effect: The Sith used this power to wield the double-edged Lightwhip, and guide it's movement through the Dark Side. If the Sith is successful, he may add his Alter dice to his lightwhip skill roll to hit or parry, and he adds or subtracts put to his Control dice to the damage. If he fails, he must use his lightwhip skill and the standard damage only for the duration of the combat.

To parry blaster bolts, the Sith may use Lightwhip Combat. To do this, the character must declare that he is parrying that round, using his lightwhip skill as normal. The Sith may also attempt to control where the deflected blaster bolt goes, although this counts as an additional action. The Sith must declare which specific bolt he is controlling, with difficulties as per Lightsaber Combat (SWRPG2 151).