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This force power deveoped by members of the white current, allows them to make the 'air' so thick around targets, it is harder for them to hit enemies/damage them. Their thought was if it was harder to do anything, they would be less likely to continue it and therefore could stop fights before they got out of hand. When 'engaged' the WCM picks how big a zone is being made. All those in it, get a perception check (or control roll) to resist. If they fail to beat the diff as set by the Alter roll by the WCM, they are affected. Force users can use their Alter to try and override the effect, in a similar manner to Absorb/Disapate energy is, but only with a base 10+the alter roll, rather than 15+diff. If affected, all melee/brawl attacks along with ranged combat that is physically moved (bow fire, grenades, thrown weapons) suffer a -1d to hit and damage (even if this takes damage below base str) for every 2d of the users alter score. It also reduces the dex of said targets by 1d for every 3d of the user so if they go to 0d they are effectively locked in place. After 4 straight rounds of being so 'slowed', breathing starts to get hard. This requires a stamina roll, starting at 10 to keep breathing with no difficulty. This increases by 3 for every 4 additional rounds it is kept up. Failing a roll causes 1 stun effect from heavy breathing. Failing 3 straight converts it to a wound. Any time a wound is given the white current user gains an instant DSP. Explosions (via demo, grenades already used, missiles), blasters, firearms and the like unfortunately do not get affected (other than to hit rolls). And as such if a target being slowed by the White current force user takes damage from any such sources that places them at mortally wounded or dead, they instantly take a Dark side point.

Base number of people that can be affected is 1 per 2D of the White current's Alter score. Each additional person beyond this he wishes to affect in the zone adds 5 to both the Control and Alter target numbers.

This is a C/S/A power. Control. 5m sphere - Easy + proximity

10m sphere - Moderate + prox

15m sphere - Diff + prox

20m sphere - V.Diff + prox

25m sphere - Heroic + prox

each additional 5' the sphere is enlarged from here on, add 10 to the target number.

Sense Difficult + proximity

Alter As control based on sphere size.

5m = 15+ prox

10m = 20 + prox

15m = 25 + prox

20m = 30+ prox

25m = 35+ Prox.

+10 per additional 5m of sphere.

At no time is the force user who activated the power affected by it.

Force power created by David "Garhkal" Stairs with assistance from people over on the Rancor's pit.