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Mecha Manipulation

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Control Difficulty:Moderate

Sense Difficulty: Moderate, modified by complexity of machine

Alter Difficulty: Moderate, modified by complexity of machine

Required Powers: Mecha empathy

Time to Use: One minute

Effect: The Jedi can physically manipulate the internal workings of a technological device to effect repairs upon it (Anakin Solo uses this power frequently in the books; I have included it here because of its close connection to the Mecha empathy power). The Jedi must lay hands upon the object to effect repairs; the amount of time that the repairs will last is based upon how far over the Alter difficulty the Jedi rolls: the repairs last 3D minutes for a margin of up to 5, 1D hours for a margin of 6-10, 3D hours for a margin of 11-20, and permanent for a margin of 21 or greater.