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Memory Walk

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Memory Walk
Control Difficulty: Easy or opposed control or willpower roll.
Alter Difficulty: Moderate, modified by proximity.
Required Powers: Control pain, hibernation trance, life detection, life sense, magnify senses, receptive telepathy, projective telepathy, affect mind, dim another’s senses.
This power may be kept up.
Warning: A character who uses this power gains an immediate Dark Side Point.
Effect: This power allows a Force user to force a person to relive their worst memories. This mental attack is capable of reducing a person to a petrified state as they are filled with horror and despair. The power forces a person to experience the full sensation of terrible memories and brings back the full vivid detail of horrendous nightmares. This power was often used by Sith in combat to reduce the fighting effectiveness and fighting spirit of their enemies. Other Force users have employed this power in interrogation settings to mentally torture their victims.
In game terms, when this power is activated successfully, the target cannot concentrate on the tasks at hand, given the emotional pain and distress the target is experiencing. Thus, the target experiences a -2D to all skills, and has his or her movement reduced by half. If the control roll succeeds by 10 or more, then the target is completely petrified with fear and can take no actions or move.
Alternatively, this power can be used on a captive for interrogation. In this case, the power will replace the specialization intimidation: interrogation for all skill rolls.
Source: Jedi Academy Training Manual (page 27)