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Pall of the Dark Side

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Pall of the Dark Side
Control Difficulty: Difficult
Required Powers: Concentration
Effect: This power allows a character with Dark Side points to conceal her Force sensitivity from other characters. In game terms, any time a Jedi rolls their Sense Force potential power to detect the player’s Force sensitivity, the player may immediately roll control to activate Pall of the Dark Side. This roll does not incur a multiple action penalty. If the roll is successful, then she may add half of her Dark Side score to her control roll to resist detection (were normally, a character would only roll her control roll to resist being detected).

Example: Jedi Master Ambelled Daru suspects that Darth Arius may be a Sith Lord. Ambelled Daru rolls a 28 on his sense roll to Sense Force Potential. Darth Arius immediately activates pall of the Dark Side. He rolls a 23 on his control roll, successfully activating the power. He then adds half of the number of Dark Side points to his roll (in this case half of 12 is 6) for a total of 29. His new score exceeds Ambelled Daru’s roll, and thus Ambelled Daru’s attempt to Sense Force Potential fails.
Source: Clone Wars Campaign Guide (page 31)