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Quence sector

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Quence sector was a sector located in the Outer Rim Territories near Portmoak sector. Planets in Quence included Elshandruu Pica, Xiunsrus, Suarbi 7, and the Empartheca system.


  • Baes Logia system
  1. Baes Logia
  • Eirrauus system
  1. Eirrauus
  • Elshandruu Pica system
  1. Elshandruu Pica
  • Eva-T system
  • Godo system
  1. Godo
  • Shogun system
  1. Shogun
  • Suarbi system
  1. Susevfi (moon)
  • Tresidiss system
  1. Tresidiss
  • Xiunsrus system
  1. Xiunsrus
  • Yityl system
  1. Yityl