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Regenerate Other

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Regenerate Other

Control Difficulty: Moderate  => Simple Organ (eye, liver, kidney)

                    Difficult => Complex Organ (Heart)

                    Very Diff => Limb or System (Arm, Spine)

                    Heroic    => Brain, A.I.D.S, Terminal Cancer

Alter Difficulty: Very Easy by Relationship (plus Willpower or Control if target resists)

Required Powers: Heal Another, and Regenerate

Time to use: One month per level of difficulty (1 month for an eye, 3 months to repair spinal damage)

The Power *has* to be kept “up.”

Effect: Allows a Force-user to repair extensive damage to the point of regrowth.  During the period of Regeneration, the target must rest as detailed in the Natural Healing section of the rulebook.  The user must visit the resting target at least once per day to re-apply the treatment.  A failed roll means treatment is setback for one day for every point missed.  At the end of the period (provided rest was never broken) the target may roll Control or Strength versus the above Control difficulty.  For every full week of rest and treatment past the required period, the target’s Strength/Control roll is reduced by one Difficulty level.  If the Strength/Control roll is successful, he has a new, fully working organ/limb.  If unsuccessful, he has a fully grown organ/limb that either his body has rejected or is just unusable.

This power may be used in conjunction with Warp Matter (to re-engineer organs/limbs) or Mind Control (to re-program target).  Difficulties for Warp Matter are one level lower (you are shaping while building) and difficulties for Mind Control are one level higher (effects are more lasting if not permanent).  Either use is a perversion of nature and earns a Dark Side Point.