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Sever Force

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Control Difficulty: Difficult.

Sense Difficulty: Varies (see below).

Alter Difficulty: Target's Control or Willpower roll.

Special: Anyone using this power must spend 1 Force point.

Required Powers: Affect Mind, Battle Meditation, Concentration, Emptiness, Force Harmony, Force of Will, Life Detection, Life Sense, Projective Telepathy, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Sense Force Potential.

Note: This power seems to be extremely unbalancing, as written in the d20 rules. I've made an attempt to adapt it, while maintaining the flavor of the power. Individual GMs may not wish to allow players access to this power, for obvious reasons.

Effect: This power severs a Dark Sider's ties to the Force, preventing him from using any Force skills. It is not effective against a character who has less than 4 Dark Side points, and anyone with more than 3 Dark Side points cannot use this power at all. The effects of Sever Force are permanent, and the only way for a target to reverse the effects are to reduce the number of Dark Side points he has below 4. The power's Sense difficulty depends on the number of Dark Side points possessed by the target. The Sense difficulty is Difficult if the target has 4 or more Dark Side points, and is Moderate if the target has 7 or more Dark Side Points. The amount by which the character using Sever Force makes his Alter skill roll determines how effective this power is at severing his target's connection to the Force. If successful, the target of this power must roll a Control check each time he attempts to use a Force power. The base difficulty of this roll is detailed on the following chart:

Alter Roll >

Force Use

Difficulty By:







Very Difficult




Heroic +5

The base difficulty for the target to use Force powers is further modified by the number of Dark Side points he possesses. If the target reduces his Dark Side point total below three, he no longer needs to make this roll.